Raiders' Maxx Crosby reflects on his journey from alcohol addiction to Pro Bowl

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Raiders' Maxx Crosby reflects on his journey from alcohol addiction to Pro Bowl

Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby got emotional while discussing getting selected to his first Pro Bowl. Crosby was in a bad place a few years ago as he struggled with alcohol addiction. On Monday, the Raiders beat the Cleveland Browns 16-14 to improve to 7-7 and keep their playoff hopes alive.

"It just brought back memories ... I was in rehab almost two years ago and now I'm in the Pro Bowl," Crosby told reporters after the game, per Sporting News. "This is just a blessing, man. I show up and I try to be the best teammate everyday, show my guys that I care.

"This hit home, man. This is special. It makes my family proud, my girl, everybody around me is calling, blowing up my phone. I'm crying like a baby because I know I've worked so hard, and it's starting to pay off."

Crosby gave credit to Raiders defensive line coordinator Rod Marinelli for helping him become the player he is today. "Coach Marinelli, got to say something about him, because he pushes me every day," Crosby said.

"Pushes me every day to be the best player I can be ... he just wants to see the best of me. I want to kill him sometimes, he wants to kill me, but he just wants to see the best for me. He knows what I want. I want to be the best in the league and he pushes me to be that guy every day."

Crosby opened up about his alcohol addiction in August

"It got to a point after my rookie year my life became unmanageable," Crosby told ESPN. "Alcohol, partying and all that s--- became too much of a distraction in my life.

It became just overwhelming. I've always had issues with drinking and partying throughout high school and college. I've been able to slip by and get by, but it became too much for me and it's always been that one crutch.

"Alcoholism runs in my family and I'm an alcoholic. So, for me, I knew it was something that was always a crutch. I always knew I had a problem. I knew I couldn't just drink like everybody else. I got ahead of it. My first year of sobriety is always the hardest and that was last year.

I had a lot of ups and downs. Mentally it was really tough for me. But going in, I'm almost a year-and-a-half sober now and life is great. I'm really enjoying every single day. I'm enjoying the work."