Trevor Lawrence on Urban Meyer firing: It brings clarity to guys in locker room

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Trevor Lawrence on Urban Meyer firing: It brings clarity to guys in locker room

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence thinks the Urban Meyer firing will bring the team a "little bit of clarity." The Jaguars had been trying to get coach Meyer for years and he finally accepted their offer this offseason.

The Jaguars sit at 2-11 and the Jaguars decided to move on from coach Meyer. However, the bad results were not the biggest reason for the firing as Meyer's short tenure with the Jaguars was marked by controversies. "I wouldn't believe you if you told me this is how this year was going to go," Lawrence said, per ESPN.

" ... I think it [the coaching change] brings a little bit of clarity to the guys in the locker room. I wouldn't say relief, but I would say just bring some clarity and some direction moving forward. "You know, we really want to go and finish the season strong and to be honest, it's been hard to last the last week with everything going on.

And there's a lot of things being stirred up I think by the outside, too. That didn't help [and] made things a lot worse, but also everything that's going on. "It's hard to be focused and have all your attention and efforts going towards winning the game when there's so many things going on."

Lawrence shows support to Darrell Bevell

Jaguars offensive coordinator Bevell has named the interiam head coach and Lawrence described Bevell as a "very even kneel." Cornerback Shaq Griffin suggested the team felt a relief after the Meyer firing.

"I think 'focused' is the right one," Griffin said. "I feel like there has been a lot going on and to see how everybody is focused on what's going on around in the locker room and trying to figure out what has been going on the field and trying to make changes.

I feel like that's the right word to use. Then practice and seeing the way the offense attacked the day, it was amazing to see. I feel like we need to see that. We needed that, they needed that and it's a boost of confidence and I love seeing that.

" ... I feel like definitely the right word is 'focus.' The focus in the locker room is definitely there and that's where it needs to be. Just keeping the main focus on this organization and the guys that are playing. It's been looking good in the locker room for sure."