Chargers to continue gambling on fourth downs despite Chiefs loss


Chargers to continue gambling on fourth downs despite Chiefs loss

Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley has made it clear that he will continue to bet on fourth downs and quarterback Justin Herbert stood behind his coach. The Chargers had three unsuccessful fourth down conversion attempts in a 34-28 overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

"I felt really comfortable with all those decisions," Staley said after the loss, per ESPN. "That's the way we're going to play around here. That's the way we're going to play. When we have a quarterback like ours, and we have an offense like ours, that's the way we're going to play because that's how you need to play against Kansas City, for sure.

That's how we're going to become the team that we're ultimately capable of being, by playing that way."

Chargers quarterback Herbert confident in his teammates

"It's always tough and you'd love to be able to convert those," Herbert said.

"I think we need to be better on third downs so that we're not in those situations, but we believe in each other. We believe in the guys in that locker room and that huddle, and we believe in the defense. I think that's a statement of trusting everyone on the field and off the field, as well.

We love to be put in those situations. Unfortunately, we didn't convert as many as we would've liked to have today, but we're going to ride with each other and we're going to be right back." The Chargers didn't want to settle on field goals against the Chiefs and their decision to go for it all didn't pay off.

"It's life in the NFL, in decision-making like that. ... I know that the quickest way to win a game like that is to score touchdowns, not field goals, especially considering who's on the other side," Staley said. "When you don't feel like it's a gamble, when you feel like this is an advantage for you, then that's going to be our mindset.

And I don't think that any decision that we made tonight, that I made tonight, was a gamble. We felt like it was an advantage situation for us, and that's why we did it.' ' Staley confirmed the Chiefs loss won't change the mindset of the Chargers when it comes to fourth downs.

"We felt like it was an advantage situation for us," Staley explained. "That's why we did it. If we didn't feel like that was the case, then we would have kicked a field goal or we would have punted. That's the way that we're going to do things around here. I know that our team embraces that mindset. We're going to continue to do it every game we play moving forward."

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