Micah Parsons: NFL is not hard

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Micah Parsons: NFL is not hard

Dallas Cowboys rookie Micah Parsons says he never gets satisfied as he is always striving to become a better player. Parsons had two sacks in Cowboys' 27-20 win over the Washington Football Team and one of his sacks resulted in a forced fumble.

"I decided within myself that I want to make the change," Parsons said after yet another impact performance, this time in his first-ever battle with Washington. "I've got to be better and they brought me here for a reason, and I feel like I wasn't living up to my own personal expectations.

I gotta keep going week in and week out. Actually, [safety Damontae Kazee] comes up to me ever since we made changes like, 'I'm always talking about anybody can do it one week, anybody can do two weeks.' "But, I say, 'You gotta keep saying it just as a reminder.'

We're going into about week seven [of the changes] now, so I gotta do it another week and that's next week. ... It feels good to just get home and the coaches dialing up my number more. More belief that I'll get home, things like that.

I think it's just us going off feeding off each other. I think [Trevon Diggs] is doing more. I'm not even watching, but he's got quarterbacks holding onto the ball now, so it gives me an opportunity to get to the quarterback more.

"It's just always complementing each other more than you know."

Parsons has 12 sacks on the season

Parsons is having a dominant rookie season and he is contention for multiple awards. "Yeah, for sure," he told Albert Breer of SI.com.

"I don't really think the NFL is hard. I think they got some really great players around here. But I just think it's a bunch of players that work really hard, and I think it rubs off whenever you [practice against] guys like La'el [Collins].

When I'm going against La'el and I'm challenging him every down, saying, 'What could I do there? How can I make this better?' "Or, I'm going against Zack [Martin], and I'm just getting those opportunities, it really just makes those guys [on other teams] not look as good."

Parsons knows where is his best shot at getting to the quarterback. "First and second-down, I think those are times where you might get a mix of run and pass but, third and fourth-down is when you hunt," he said in his post-game press conference.

"I think those are the money downs, an opportunity where they might hold the ball a little bit longer and you can get to that quarterback. You should look forward to third and fourth down."