WR Allen Robinson expects to finish year with Bears after reported trade request

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WR Allen Robinson expects to finish year with Bears after reported trade request

Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson expects to finish the season in Chicago after the rumors surfaced that he had requested a trade from the team. Robinson, who is set to earn $13 million in 2020, removed all references to the Bears from his social media accounts following a Week 1 over the Detroit Lions.

Robinson, who is in final year of his contract, informed the Bears that he would rather be traded if the two sides cannot reach an agreement on an extension, sources told ESPN's Dan Graziano. "Yeah, I would say so," Robinson said on Zoom call with Chicago media, when asked if he anticipates being with the Bears for the rest of 2020," per ESPN."

... I've talked to [general manager] Ryan [Pace], I've talked to Coach [Matt] Nagy. As far as everything else, we're in the clear with that."

Robinson didn't confirm nor deny the reported trade request

"I'm not going get into that [trade] detail, but like I said before, my heart and spirit has never wavered, as far as the city of Chicago and playing for this organization.

Obviously, you dive into the business of the game, and there's different variables that go into that. But how I feel about my teammates, how I feel about this team, how I feel about this city and everything like that has never wavered.

When you're in this business and in a situation like this, things come up," Robinson added. Bears coach Matt Nagy revealed he talked privately with Robinson and he expects everything to work out well for both sides.

"You know how we roll here, we talk about things, and so I had a great conversation with Allen, just excited about where we're at," Nagy said on a Zoom call. "He's a leader, he's a very important part of our team.

As far as the [contract] part of it, that's not my world. ... But I think that our players all realize the history that we have here in regards to taking care of guys. "And I think it was a really, really good talk that Allen and I had.

I think when you have situations like this, it's only fair that both be able to talk. So hopefully, you know, I think he definitely feels good, and he's confident that we want him to be here and that he wants to be here. So that's really the ultimate goal in all of this."