Cowboys owner Jerry Jones speaks on Mike McCarthy guaranteeing win over Washington

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones speaks on Mike McCarthy guaranteeing win over Washington

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones liked when he heard coach Mike McCarthy guaranteeing a win over the Washington Football Team. The Cowboys play the Washington Football on the road this Sunday and coach McCarthy said: "We're going to win this game."

“I don’t get hung up on the bit about the guarantee,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “That should be his attitude. He expects to win. He thinks we will win. I expect that. I would be shocked if he couldn’t make that kind of statement.

Anybody with common sense knows that you can’t tell whether or not you’re going to or not. Only God knows that. Having said that — I’ll tell you what, he’s raring and ready. He’s been penned up and that’s reflected in his demeanor as well as how he articulated his feelings”.

Jones loves to see the Cowboys being confident

“We, as a franchise, we as the Cowboys, we put it out there,” Jones said. “We know we do. We ask folks to look at us, be interested in us, follow us. We know a bunch of people look at us because they’d like to see us lose.

That’s sport. That creates the excitement, the reason I’m in it, and the reason we are engaged. And, so, the answer is yes, I like all of this kind of additional color to the interest in the game. Of course, you really don’t have to color this game.

It has everything going for it. There’s much at stake. It’s right here at the right time. This is the fourth quarter that we’re in of the year. Football is at its absolute apex and we’re sitting here basically fighting literally for the marbles, and we need to win this game”.

Quarterback Dak Prescott struggled against the New Orleans Saints last week but Jones defended him by saying of the routes ran by receivers weren't good. “Yes, yes. The thing that you’re seeing is sometimes the pass looks errant is because the receiver, for instance, ran the route two yards, cut it off two yards shorter.

He should be out two more yards before he makes his cuts. It can make all the different in the world as far as his ability to separate. It has a relativeness to the other receivers. And, so, if you’re not really crisp on the way the play was designed, relative to how many yards you go, the cut, then your passing game can look really off. That’s one of the answers: better routes."