Former NFL star, Demaryius Thomas found dead!

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Former NFL star, Demaryius Thomas found dead!

A member of the Denver Broncos champion team was found dead at his home in Roswell, Georgia. For now, it is said that medical reasons are the cause of death of one of the Top 10 receivers in the previous decade The United States are in tears.

Former NFL star Demaryius Thomas has died at the age of 33 at his home in Roswell, Georgia. He is a four-time pro bowler who spent most of his career in Denver, with whom he won the Super Bowl in 2015 after the victory over Carolina with 24:10.

In the years when the Colorado team dominated, he was the favorite target of the legendary quarterback Peyton Manning. The Broncos chose him as the first pick of the first round of the draft from the 22nd position in 2010.

After six years in Denver at the end of his career, he played briefly for the Houston Texans, New England Patriots, to end his career with the New York Jets two years ago. Preliminary investigation has shown that Thomas' death is a consequence of a medical problem, but no details are mentioned.

"We are broken. Demerius' humanity, warmth and infectious smile will always remain in the memory of those who knew and loved him," the Broncos said.


One of the Top 10 in the past ten years has rushed 1,000 yards in a Denver jersey in five consecutive seasons.

He had a career record of 111 catches for 1,694 yards in 2014. He caught 724 balls in his career for 9,763 yards and had 63 touchdowns. "You can always count on Demaryius Thomas. He is one of the best players in the history of the Broncos because of what he did on the field, but also for the community in Denver," one of the leaders of the Colorado franchise, John Elway, told Thomas.

"D.T. was a better person than he was a player, and he was a Hall of Fame player,” Manning said in a statement. “That tells you how good of a person he was. He treated my kids like they were his own. He was there for every teammate’s charity event.

The news of Thomas' death saddened the United States. Current and former NFL aces are saying goodbye via social media. Indeed, it is unfortunate how many athletes have died recently, and the question is how much medicine can do about it to prevent such cases.

Much more work will have to be done on testing, detecting diseases, because that is the only way to reduce the number of tragic cases.