Jerry Jones: Some of Dak Prescott's passes that looked were bad routes by receivers

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Jerry Jones: Some of Dak Prescott's passes that looked were bad routes by receivers
Jerry Jones: Some of Dak Prescott's passes that looked were bad routes by receivers (Provided by Sport World News)

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has confirmed that everything is perfectly fine witrh quarterback Dak Prescott. Prescott threw a touchdown and an interception against the New Orleans Saints on Thursday Night Football but the Cowboys won 27-17 despite Prescott's weak performance.

“Yes, yes. The thing that you’re seeing is sometimes the pass looks errant is because the receiver, for instance, ran the route two yards, cut it off two yards shorter. He should be out two more yards before he makes his cuts.

It can make all the different in the world as far as his ability to separate. It has a relativeness to the other receivers. And, so, if you’re not really crisp on the way the play was designed, relative to how many yards you go, the cut, then your passing game can look really off.

That’s one of the answers: better routes," Jones said, per the Dallas Morning News.

Prescott healthy, more Cowboys players return

Jones was asked how excited he was to get Neville Gallimore, Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence alongside Micah Parsons.

“I’m going to freeze it in time as far as this season is concerned — when all three of them are out there at the same time, and all three of them have a play where they’ve quote ‘got their hands down,’ but all three of them are in a pressure call or a pressure situation on defense, that’s going to be one that I want a picture of and I want to freeze it for a long time.

Have all three of them pressure," Jones said. " … Moving [Parsons] around is the ticket, especially when you’re sitting here picturing Gregory and you’re picturing Lawrence out there. Now, the good news is that Lawrence, Gregory, they can move down and inside.

And so, those give you a lot of options relative to Micah being outside now”. Running back Ezekiel Elliott is dealing with a knee injury and Jones was asked why not get more touches to Tony Pollard. “Well, without seriously buying into that you have as limited Zeke as you might be implying, we’ve had going into games, relative to this time last year or relative to the start of the season, we’ve had or planned on having Pollard touch the ball anywhere from five to 10 more times a game.

So, that is the plan. That is generally what you’re trying to do, and you just see how the game goes. But yeah, we’ve frankly — ever since training camp — been wanting to, relative to what we’ve done in the past, get the ball to Pollard more," Jones explained.

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