Adrian Peterson reaches milestone in win over 49ers

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Adrian Peterson reaches milestone in win over 49ers

2012 NFL MVP Adrian Peterson reached a milestone during the Seattle Seahawks' 30-23 win over the San Francisco 49ers. Peterson scored his 120th career-touchdown and now he is tied with Jim Brown on the 10th place for most touchdowns in NFL history.

"It was exciting for guys to get AD his touchdown today so he could tie the great Jim Brown," said coach Pete Carroll, referring to Peterson's nickname, "All Day." "That was just for fun. Thrilled that he got a chance to do that and have him with us in this game."

Fullback Nick Bellore did a great block on the play in which Peterson scored his 126th touchdown. "He is probably wondering who I was because I haven't actually got to meet him yet," said the 32-year-old Bellore.

"I went over for one play of walk-through on offense and he kind of looked at me, and I didn't want to introduce myself. I was just glad to kind of help out anyway I could to get him in the end zone ... I'm really old, and he's even older.

"I remember watching him when I was in college, high school, all of that. Some guys were in elementary school watching him in the pros. A legend like that, you have a little extra juice for, to try to get him in the end zone."

Peterson already making an impact

The Seahawks signed Peterson to their practice squad last week but promoted him to their 53-man roster before the 49ers game. "Really, I just wanted to bring him in and give him a chance to see our guys and be with our team and all that," Carroll said.

"I thought it was just such a rare opportunity and he totally exceeded my expectations with his influence, just being in our locker room and being on our practice field. He was so much the consummate pro about taking this opportunity to heart and going for it.

"He's played a lot of football. He was so serious about it and so strict about the way he did everything ... He had a great week of practice. He needed to play and we knew he had that touchdown thing that we were trying to get.

The celebration was for the big guys that knocked it in so that he got a chance to score there. Today was worth it. It was very much worth it."