Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski reach milestone in win over Falcons


Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski reach milestone in win over Falcons

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski connected for their 89th and 90th touchdowns in a 30-17 win over the Atlanta Falcons. Brady and Gronkowski are now second all-time for most regular season touchdowns by a pair of players.

"Having Gronk back for the last few weeks is huge in our offense, those two guys controlling the inside of the field," coach Bruce Arians said of the pair, adding that this was especially problematic when the Falcons (or any team) have played man defense.

The second touchdown on which Brady connected to Gronkowski came on a fade route. "That second touchdown definitely brought us back to the heyday -- the fade," Gronkowski said." I wasn't supposed to have a fade but he saw and just reminds me of the heyday for us." Brady and Gronkowski have an outstanding chemistry "I think when you play that long together -- I mean, like Gronk said the other day, Tom knows what he's thinking before he does," Arians said.

"And it's obvious out there a couple of times Tom's thrown a couple balls and even Gronk wasn't quite ready because he knew where he was going. It's great chemistry they have."

After the game, Brady spoke highly of Gronkowski.

"He kind of makes it easy on any quarterback," said Brady, who improved to 10-0 all-time against the Falcons.

"He's just so big, so quick, great hands. Just does an amazing job. A great catch-and-run that he had and then I threw the fade for a touchdown, which was really cool -- he makes those pretty easy, too. I obviously love being out there with him.

"It was good to see him make those plays. He was out for quite a while this year, you know? Just seeing him back, playing great, really enjoying it -- it's really fun for me. That's the best part." Brady is impressed by what Gronkowski is capable of doing on the field.

"I hope we do. I look for him down there -- he is a really big target most of the game," Brady said. "I think what makes him so amazing is to do what he does in the run game and block defensive ends. Some of the biggest and strongest guys in the world. To run routes and catch balls and be so athletic. Along with the endurance he has, it is just really amazing."

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