Adrian Peterson: I can still compete at high level, serve as inspiration to others

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Adrian Peterson: I can still compete at high level, serve as inspiration to others

New Seattle Seahawks running back Adrian Peterson says he still loves the game and that's what's pushing him to play even at the age of 36. After being released by the Tennessee Titans, Peterson refused to retire and this week the Seahawks signed him to their practice squad.

"Just the love for the game," he said. "I love the game. I feel like I can still compete at a high level. Just having the opportunity to help teams, to inspire guys. That's one of the most rewarding things. When I see guys, and they say to me, 'Man, just keep doing what you're doing,' it's so inspiring."

Peterson suggested the Seahawks offense fits him better then the one in Tennessee. "I don't really feel like I showed too much in Tennessee," he said. "But before I got released, I was feeling my legs were back under me.

I felt like going into the Patriots [game last week], that was the week I was going to be able to blossom and unfortunately I got released."

Peterson expects an 'easy adjustment'

"This style offense and how their run game is, it kind of fits my style a little more than I would say Tennessee," Peterson said.

"So I think it'll be an easy adjustment for me." Peterson is hoping to pass some of his knowledge to the other running backs on the Seahawks roster. "I felt like it's a lot that I can add to the run game and inspire these young guys as well, make those guys work harder," Peterson said.

"When they see me out there pretty much going full speed during the walk-through 14 years in, that makes them kind of pick up their tempo a little more as well. I feel like I'll be able to add to the running back room and help get this running game going."

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was excited about the Peterson addition. "Excited to see if he can help us out and give us a little something," Carroll said. "He's a player that I've known forever -- way back to his high-school days -- and admired him tremendously over the years.

Always disappointed we didn't get him back in the day, but like I just told him, we finally got him. So I'm looking forward to seeing how he does and where he can fit in. He's an incredible competitor and a great guy, so I'm anxious to give him a chance to get on the field with our boys."