Keenan High School football player Donadrian Robinson dies suddenly

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Keenan High School football player Donadrian Robinson dies suddenly

Keenan High School in Columbia paid a tribute to Donadrian Robinson after Robinson suddenly passed away. Robinson played at the offensive lineman position and he was set to be a four-year starter on his varsity team. Robinson's sister Baylee said her brother loved everybody and he would be touched by the messages and love he received after his death.

“He loved everybody,” she said. “So he would really be smiling some more at the support that we’re getting here tonight. He would love it”. Robinson's dream was to become a football player.

“His father was a football player for Lower Richland and he was following through his shoes to live in his father’s dream,” said Kwome Heyward, Robinson’s cousin. Robinson's family asked for prayers “Donnie’s a Christian and he’s a believer, and we have very strong faith that we’ll see him again,” Bishop Franklin Porterfield, one of Robinson's relatives, said.

“And the emotions are there. We’re sorry that he’s not here with us such at a young age and life to be taken at 17. And that just lets you know that you gotta appreciate people while they’re here because you never know.

So the emotion is strong, I drove five hours just to get here today to make sure that we have support because we believe in family”. In 2010, the NFL world was shocked after Chicago Bears defensive lineman Gaines Adams died following a cardiac arrest.

Adams played in the NFL for three seasons.

"In football, you need that," Adams said in early August of 2009. "Players tend to get in their own element and do things that they want to do. They need to be called out sometimes.

He's the coach. Whatever he says, goes. "I take it as a challenge. Being drafted fourth overall, that comes with the territory. It's year three for me. Obviously it's time for me to step up." The Adams death shocked one of his former teammates.

"I still don't want to believe that it is true," Bucs defensive tackle Chris Hovan said in the statement. "I am deeply saddened that we have lost someone who I considered a friend for life. When he came to Tampa, I took Gaines under my wing; I considered him my little brother, and that's how I will always remember him. This is all so unreal, and it hasn't really hit me yet."