Seahawks' Jamal Adams takes shot at ex-team Jets following Week 1 win

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Seahawks' Jamal Adams takes shot at ex-team Jets following Week 1 win

Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams took a shot at his former team New York Jets following a Week 1 over the Atlanta Falcons in an away game. The Seahawks opened their season on the road against the Falcons and returned home with a 38-25 win.

Adams, who talked his way out of New York this offseason after months of attempting, led the Seahawks with tackles against the Falcons as he had 12 of those. Shortly after Adams was traded to the Seahawks, Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams claimed Adams would be "bored" in Seahawks defensive scheme.

"I wasn't bored," a smiling Adams said in a reference to Williams' remarks, per ESPN. "I was blitzing. I was having fun." Adams, a two-time Pro Bowl safety, is determined to do everything he can in order to help the team win football games.

"It's about the same, to be honest," he said. "It might have been a little bit more. It reminded me a little bit of [former coach] Todd Bowles when Todd Bowles used me my first two years. But just out there making plays whenever my name is called or my number is called.

I'm trying to do whatever I can to help the team win and get put in the best position to get the ball back to [Russell Wilson], because obviously you get the ball back to 3, he's going to make special plays."

Adams surprised to be a part of strong offense

The Jets didn't have much success on the offensive side of the field during Adams' tenure. "I'm not used to it," Adams said when asked what it was like watching Wilson and Seattle's offense score 38 points.

"It's exciting. It's exciting to know when we do come off the field we can definitely make our adjustments, catch a breather. For Russ to go out there and do what he's always done, I'm just happy to be a part of this organization.

These guys are telling me they're happy I'm here, but I'm really happy I'm here, man." Meanwhile, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was thrilled to have Adams on the team. "Defensively, you couldn't help but watch Jamal Adams," Carroll said.

"He was all over the place. He had 12 or so tackles and a sack and was close on a couple others and just made some beautiful plays, tackles and hits and pressures and all of that. He's an extraordinary football player."