Mike Tomlin rips Steelers' performance in blowout loss to Bengals

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Mike Tomlin rips Steelers' performance in blowout loss to Bengals

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said his team stunk against the Cincinnati Bengals and indicated changes could happen after following a 41-10 blowout loss in Week 12. "We just stunk the place up," Tomlin said.

"When you play the way that we played and the score is as lopsided as it is, that's just the reality of it. ".. What you can't do is continue to do the things that you've been doing and expect a different result.

We're open to some schematic changes. We're open to some personnel changes, obviously. They won't be drastic in nature, probably more subtle in nature, but hopefully significant. Significant in a positive way."

Tomlin explained changes will come in what the Steelers and with who they do it. "It might be the repositioning of people or it might be the leaning on depth as a strength," Tomlin said. "We don't overcomplicate things, but we are open to change when change produces or has a chance to produce a desired outcome.

"When you have red paint, you paint your barn red. That's kind of a motto or a cliché that we live by at times. That's what I mean when I'm saying we're open to change. Is it people and insertion of people? Yes, if it potentially makes us better, but not for the sole purpose of change.

It may just mean the alignment or configuration of people in an effort to highlight areas maybe where we have depth and maybe minimize some areas where we don't."

The Steelers still without Stephon Tuitt

Tuitt is still recovering from a knee surgery and he remains on IR.

"He won't be available to us this week, and so the people that have my attention are those that will be," Tomlin said. "We'll continue to monitor his progress, and when he gets close I'll have an update for you guys."

Speaking of the current situation on the team, Tomlin said. "Some people need physical work, some people need mental work, some people need to get well," Tomlin said. "We don't paint with a broad brush.

We make individual decisions that are based on the individual men that put us in position to carry the strongest unit into a stadium on weekends, and that philosophical approach will not change." After the Bengals loss, Chase Claypool suggest the Steelers should blast music at practice.

"Claypool plays wideout, and I'll let him do that," Tomlin said on Tuesday. "I'll formulate the practice approach. And I think that division of labor is probably appropriate."