Jalen Ramsey 'shocked' after Rams' third consecutive loss

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Jalen Ramsey 'shocked' after Rams' third consecutive loss

Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey admitted the mood is not good in the Rams locker following a third consecutive loss. The Rams made an outstanding season but they have played poorly over the last few weeks. On Sunday, the Rams suffered a 38-26 loss to the Packers on the road.

"It's not a good mood," Ramsey said. "I can say that." The Rams started the season with a 7-1 record but now sit at 7-4 after three consecutive losses. Ramsey admitted he was shocked a team that started 7-1 ended losing three consecutive games.

"Of course I am," Ramsey said. "We have guys that are way too good for us to be losing games like this and losing games on the road. We've just got to get it right. We have to play better, everything has to be better because we're too good to be losing games like this but we're not playing like we're that good right now, so we got to correct our stuff."

Ramsey and the Rams hope to get back on the right track

"We've got to stop with some of these self-inflicted wounds and that's going to continue to be a focus and concentration for us," Rams head coach Sean McVay said.

"And then expect to see some results." Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford lost a sack fumble in the first quarter and later had an interception in the third quarter that was returned for a pick-6. "You have to take them all individually," Stafford said about his recent turnovers.

"I know that is probably tough for you guys to hear, but that is the truth of the matter. That's the way I see it." Stafford didn't want to blame injuries or anything else for his recent struggles. "I am feeling fine," said Stafford, who did not practice before the Week 9 loss to the Titans because of a back issue and then rolled an ankle late in that game.

"Back was kind of barking at me a little bit that week, but I haven't missed any time since then. The rest of my body, is it 100%? No, nor is anybody else's in this league at this point of the season." Ramsey suggested teams did their homework on the Rams and now they know how to play them.

"Offenses are definitely trying to get matchups where they think maybe best for them, they're definitely trying to scheme up things a little bit differently to have us potentially playing things a little bit differently," Ramsey said. "I mean, they're doing their homework."