Tom Brady: Leonard Fournette's halftime speech got us going

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Tom Brady: Leonard Fournette's halftime speech got us going

Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette delivered a motivational speech to his teammates on the halftime and the Buccaneers ended up beating the Indianapolis Colts 38-31 in overtime. The Buccaneers were down 24-14 at halftime but performed much better in the second half as they managed to force an overtime and ultimately earn the win.

"I was like, 'You have to have a will and a want,'" said Fournette, who rushed for 100 yards on 17 carries and added seven catches for 31 yards. "'You have to be willing to risk everything. Play by play, you have to want to win, you have to want to fight, each and every play.'

I think they understood that message and played their lights out." Fournette had four touchdowns in the game -- including a 28-yard touchdown run with 29 seconds left to seal the win. "You could tell the mood -- people's energy was down.

And it wasn't like we [were] out there getting our asses whooped. It's just the little things separating us to win the game from them," Fournette said. "So just trying to boost everybody coming out. And thank God it worked."

Fournette's speech got the Buccaneers going

"He just pretty much told us to keep fighting," said safety Antoine Winfield Jr., who made a leaping interception on a jump ball intended for Michael Pittman Jr.

with 5:35 to go in the third quarter. "We control our own destiny and [if] we wanna be the team we wanna be, we're gonna have to step up and win games like this." "He definitely said some stuff that got us going," said outside linebacker Shaq Barrett, whose third-quarter sack of Wentz forced a fumble he recovered.

"He said we were a special group -- that's one of the reasons he came back. And we know we can play [like] a special group. We've just gotta show it. Show it and play out." Added Brady of the speech: "[It was] huge.

They just made big play after big play. That's what it takes to win. You have to make the plays. There's not a lot of margin of error. There are really well-coached teams that have a lot of good players, and everyone's working hard to win.

So, you're either going to make the play or you don't. And we didn't make them as much in the first half, but we certainly made them in the second half."