Matt Nagy: Thankful of how Bears handled distractions to beat Lions

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Matt Nagy: Thankful of how Bears handled distractions to beat Lions

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy admitted the win over the Detroit Lions meant a lot to him after everything he had been through the last couple of days. Earlier this week, it was reported that Nagy would be fired after Thanksgiving regardless of the outcome.

Nagy and the Bears denied the report. "When there's distractions, which is in every sport, in all facets of life -- there's always going to be distractions," Nagy said. "It's how you handle them.

And again, we got the win today, and it could've went a lot of different ways. But the reason why we got the win is because of how they handled the distractions, you know? That's where to me, when you're in this business and you lead people, it's my job to make sure of honest and open communication.

That's where, for me, I just can't tell you how much this win means today to me because of what they did."

Nagy acknowledged he feared for his job security

The Bears snapped their five-game losing streak after beating the Lions.

"Again, for me, there is only my understanding, which is what it's been since the day I signed up to be this coach, is to win as many games as I can possibly win, and do it the right way," Nagy said of his understanding of his job security moving forward.

"When you lose five games in a row, you understand. When you're 3-7, you know what territory it can get to. You know what I mean? That comes with the job. I knew that four years ago when I took this, and so here we are.

Every week is a little bit different. "This one was definitely different. This is one of those weeks where you use it moving forward. You don't make any predictions, but what you do is when you go home on that plane tonight and everyone's having a good time because they're able to celebrate and have fun watching the tape and enjoy their Thanksgiving and get back to being healthy and understand what games are next, but the only game that matters is Arizona coming up.

That's it. So again, for me, the only thing I can say to those players is that I appreciate them and we have a hell of a group of guys, players and coaches, and they showed it today by getting a win."