Raiders' Josh Jacobs reacts to scoring three touchdowns in Week 1 win over Panthers

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Raiders' Josh Jacobs reacts to scoring three touchdowns in Week 1 win over Panthers

Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs didn't want to get too high on his outstanding Week 1 performance against the Carolina Panthers, claiming he felt "regular" post-game. Jacobs rushed for 146 yards in an away game against the Panthers snd scored three touchdowns to help the Raiders start the season with a 34-30 win.

Jacobs, who was taken at No. 24 in the 2019 NFL draft, is quickly becoming one of the best running backs in the league. "I feel regular honestly," Jacobs said after his hat trick. "I had a pretty good game, but I missed some things.

There's a couple of plays I look back on, and I'm like 'Man, I missed the hole' or 'I missed the backdoor cut.' That's more of the things I try to hone myself on, trying to have the perfect game and trying to come back better next week."

After a great rookie season, Jacobs wanted to work on certain aspects of his game and be even more productive in his sophomore year. "That's the thing I worked on the most coming into the offseason," said Jacobs, referring to his route running and catching.

"Just trying to build my different routes whether it's extending them or stacking them or knowing the certain leverages; that's the thing I've tried to build on the most. Just to see (Gruden) has the confidence in me is huge for me."

Coach Jon Gruden speaks highly of Jacobs

Raiders coach Gruden has been in the league for such a long time and he claims Jacobs is a "special" player. "I am not going to put anymore pressure on him than he puts on himself," Gruden said.

"I've seen a lot of running backs for a long time, but that was a little bit like how Walter Payton used to play. It was hot as hell; he got beat up early, he insisted on coming back and insisted he got the ball as a runner and as a receiver.

He's special, and he deserves some national attention." The Raiders have officially won their first game since relocating from Oakland to Las Vegas and Gruden was happy to start the new chapter on a positive way.

"I'm just happy to get a win for the Las Vegas Raiders. First win for the history of the Raiders in Vegas and hopefully the fans saw something they liked," Gruden said.