Joe Judge blames coaching staff for Giants' offensive struggles

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Joe Judge blames coaching staff for Giants' offensive struggles

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge put the team's offensive struggles on coaching staff. The Giants suffered another disappointing loss as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers routed the Giants 30-10 on Monday Night Football. "You can put that down tonight.

Got that?" Judge said after the loss. "You guys can write that tonight. Players have to execute. That is their job, right? It is our job to teach them. It's their job to go out and execute. "But we've got to make sure we put them in position to have success.

That has to be consistent, by the way. So, you can go ahead and write that down. I'm not going to debate that." The Giants were struggling mightily to score points against the Buccaneers. "We have to do a better job of scoring points," Judge said.

"I know it sounds pretty obvious and to the point with it. But I'm going to keep it pretty blunt right there. We have to do a better job of putting our players in position to make plays. We have too many good players. We have to put them in better position to capitalize on it.

That's it." He later added: "As a player, there are things I would be frustrated with too."

Judge confident the Giants will get better

"I have faith in all the people on our team -- players, coaches, everyone.

We'll assess everything as a team and make any move we need to going forward," Judge said. Giants running back Saquon Barkley came to the defense of offensive coordinator Jason Garrett after the game. "Yes, I believe in [Garrett]," Barkley said.

"At the end of the day, like I said, it's easy to just go and everyone wants to blame the coaches. Sometimes, instead of pointing the finger, you have to look yourself in the mirror. "As players, we're not making plays.

It is just that simple. We have to go out there and make plays." Coach Judge has been saying the whole season the things will get better for the Giants. "I'm telling you we're going to put something on the field that you're going to be proud of.

That is on my name. You understand that?" he said. "That is on my name. I am the leader of this team. I'm in charge of this team. That is on me. I don't point fingers. I don't make excuses. We're going to get this right."