Chris Carson forced to undergo a season-ending surgery

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Chris Carson forced to undergo a season-ending surgery

Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson is set to undergo a season-ending neck surgery as the team hopes their leading rusher will return to the field in 2022. "We went as long as we could and he worked as hard as he could at it and ...

after not being able to get it to happen, to turn around, this is the best choice we've got," Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said. "So we'll look forward to him getting all that taken care of and be ready for a big year next year."

Carson was the Seahawks' leading rusher in each of the past three seasons. "We had time, so we took as much time as we could to rest him and then we built him up to bring him back, and then when he came back to practice the first day, it wasn't quite right," Carroll said.

"He practiced again the next day, and it just didn't relent. It's been real uncomfortable for him. It's been physically uncomfortable for him."

Carson had been out since Week 4

"He's an avid, avid weightlifter and he puts a ton of weight on his shoulders and it's right up there," Carroll said.

"Who knows, it could have come from anywhere. But it's a wear-and-tear type of thing that developed. He has not had signs of it from the past." The Seahawks were doing everything they could for the past six weeks to get Carson back to the field.

"That's the whole reason that we're doing it now," Carroll said after reiterating his confidence that Carson will be back in 2022. "He's all for it. We just couldn't shake it. Tried like crazy to get it done.

But this is so that he can play next year." Carson rushed for 232 yards and three touchdowns in four games this season. "We've been kind of dealing with it for some time, so we've had to be prepared to move on," Carroll said.

"But Chris has been one of my favorite guys for a long time around here, ever since we found him and drafted him and all the style and the toughness that he's brought to us. He'll always be one of my favorite guys.

Looking at that big 32, there's just something about the way he carried it that we obviously have missed all season and we'll miss. But we've got to ... take care of him. We've got to get him right."