Russell Wilson takes blame for Seahawks' terrible outing versus Packers

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Russell Wilson takes blame for Seahawks' terrible outing versus Packers

Seattle Seahawks quart back Russell Wilson put the blame on his shoulder for a disappointing performance against the Green Bay Packers but said his surgically repaired finger felt fine. Wilson, who was out for a month due to a finger injury, returned to the field on Sunday but didn't impress as the Seahawks suffered a 17-0 loss to the Packers.

"My finger felt fine," Wilson said after the Seahawks' 17-0 loss to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. "The problem with tonight was I had two bad plays. That's what it really was." Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll also suggested Wilson's finger was fine.

"He doesn't feel like it was at all," coach Carroll said when asked how much Wilson's finger may have impacted his play. "There was a couple high throws that got out. Pretty cold night and all that. Maybe that had something to do with it as you're looking at it.

I don't think so. I'm not thinking that and Russ isn't either."

Wilson had a horrible performance

Wilson had zero touchdown passes and two interceptions in a loss to the Packers. "You never want to second-guess yourself on those plays because you make so many of them," Wilson said, noting that Seattle has scored plenty of touchdowns on similar plays.

"But in that kind of game where it was back and forth, back and forth, that's where I can eliminate that mistake and allow us to kick the field goal and make it 3-3 and here we go. Now it's 3-3, a 0-0 game basically and keep playing.

Like I said, 100% accountability on myself that that happened. Nobody else's fault." Wilson completed just 20-of-40 of his pass attempts. "He had a couple bad plays," Carroll said. "I know you're wondering was he ready and all that kind of stuff.

He was ready to play. There was nothing else, there was no other information leading to this [that] could tell us any different. He was pumped and got after it and all that and he did nice job today. They're a good defense and we couldn't get enough going on to make the points we needed.

They couldn't, either, until they did. It's a big opportunity that we missed out on. It's disappointing. This was a real shot and we could feel it and we knew it, and fortunately we couldn't get the right plays made at the right time to get it done."