Packers' Jordan Love on Chiefs loss: I wasn't good enough

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Packers' Jordan Love on Chiefs loss: I wasn't good enough

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love didn't impress in his first NFL start but head coach Matt La'Fleur took the blame for the Packers' bad outing versus the Kansas City Chiefs. The Packers offense struggled mightily in Week 9 as the Chiefs claimed a 13-7 win.

The Packers, who went 2-of-12 on third downs, scored their first points with five minutes to go in the game. "This one falls on me, squarely," LaFleur said, per ESPN. "Certainly, for us to be 2-for-12 on third down, obviously didn't have a good enough plan for some of the zero pressures that they brought on us.

"But I thought our guys battled. I thought Jordan, I was really proud of the way he played. He hung in there, he was taking hits and delivering the ball. I thought he did a really good job. But I think that, ultimately, I've got to be better and this one falls squarely on me."

Love admitted he wasn't good enough

Love completed just 19-of-34 passes for 190 yards, one touchdown and one interception. "Obviously, not good enough," Love said when asked to assess his performance. "I think we started off a little slow; I started off a little slow, personally.

I think we got into a bit of a rhythm later. Obviously, it was too late. Just not good enough." The Packers offense managed to find some rhythm late in the game but it was too late. "I think we started having a better answer in the end, but yeah, they were bringing the all-out, they were eating us up and we just weren't able to execute on those plays that we had against it," Love said.

"I think all it took was maybe one big play against it, and it wouldn't have been coming as much. Obviously, we weren't able to execute it, so that's why they kept bringing it." Love was trying to find Davante Adams as he targeted him 14 times but the star wide receiver caught just six passes.

"It's something that takes time being able to build that chemistry," Love said. "Obviously, it's something him and Aaron have very well; they've been together for a while. So, the chemistry wasn't there yet, but it's something that I think it would progress as the game went on. We were talking through some things and just getting on the same page. I think it progressed as the game went on."