Cowboys' Dak Prescott: Broncos thumped us in every aspect

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Cowboys' Dak Prescott: Broncos thumped us in every aspect

Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott was straight honest following a disappointing Week 9 loss, admitting the Denver Broncos "thumped" the Cowboys in every aspect. The Cowboys entered the game as the big favorites but the Broncos claimed a 30-16 win on the road.

"We got beat. We got thumped in every aspect of the game, especially on offense," Prescott said. Prescott sustained a calf injury in Week 6 and he returned to action this past Sunday against the Broncos. Prescott didn't have a great performance against the Broncos but didn't want to blame it on his recent injury.

"I mean obviously I wasn't as clean as I normally am or as I have been. It's tough to say and blame that," Prescott said. "I spent a lot of time off and came back in the first game [Tampa Bay] different, so I'm not going to sit there and blame two weeks when I had a great week of practice under my belt coming into this one.

"I just missed some throws and we weren't our normal selves in the passing game when we needed to be. We didn't execute."

The Cowboys didn't want to take out Prescott

Even when it became evident the Cowboys would lose to the Broncos, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy decided to keep Prescott in the game.

"Frankly, the fourth quarter was a conscious effort to keep him in there for the 2-minute work," McCarthy said. "It's something that if I was looking at all the situational work that we've done and the commitment that you put to each situation, we needed that work.

So, I was happy to see us have some 2-minute production, just because I think that's something we can definitely carry forward out of this game." The Cowboys scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter and Prescott said he would have been upset had he been taken out of the game.

"There was game left out there to be played," Prescott said. "It never crossed my mind that I was coming out of the game. I think if somebody would have tried to make that decision, I would have told them I wasn't.

Yeah, we needed to get something going. We needed to get some energy, some momentum. We needed to show our fight, our resiliency, something that's won us a lot of games. When you're getting beat like that, you've got to show your character.

"I think that's where the path starts with all of us staying in the game and fighting to the end and trying to get some momentum or something going just to take from this game. Yeah, I never thought of coming out of that."