Aaron Rodgers: I didn't lie when discussing vaccination status

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Aaron Rodgers: I didn't lie when discussing vaccination status

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers insists he didn't lie when discussing his vaccination status. On Wednesday, Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 and he will miss this Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Because Rodgers is unvaccinated, he will have to complete a 10-day quarantine. In August, Rodgers claimed he was immunized and everyone believed he was vaccinated. Rodgers now claims he is allergic to ingredients in the two of the three approved vaccines so he underwent a treatment designed to raise his immunity and appealed to the NFL to be considered vaccinated but lost that appeal.

"I believe strongly in bodily autonomy and the ability to make choices for your body, not to have to acquiesce to some woke culture or crazed group of individuals who say you have to do something," Rodgers said during a lengthy rebuttal to what he suggested was misinformation reported over the past several dayson the Pat McAfee Show.

"Health is not a one-size-fits-all for everybody, and for me it involved a lot of study in the offseason."

Rodgers insists he didn't lie in August

"First of all, I didn't lie in the initial press conference," Rodgers said on Friday.

"During that time, it was a witch hunt that was going on across the league, where everybody in the media was so concerned about who was vaccinated and who wasn't and what that meant and who was being selfish and who would talk about it, what it meant if they said it's a personal decision and they shouldn't have to disclose their own medical information.

"And at the time, my plan was to say that I have been immunized. It wasn't some sort of ruse or lie. It was the truth, and I'll get into the whole immunization in a second. But had there been a follow-up to my statement that I've been immunized, I would have responded with this: I would have said, 'Look, I'm not some sort of anti-vax, flat-Earther.

I am somebody who's a critical thinker.' " Rodgers further explains his decision to not get vaccinated. "You know, my desire to immunize myself was what was best for my body, and that's why this is so important to me," Rodgers said.

"My medical team advising me that the danger of an adverse event [to a vaccine] was greater than the risk of getting COVID and recovering. So I made a decision that was in the best interest of my body."