Rams general manager Les Snead: Adding Von Miller helps us now, long-term

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Rams general manager Les Snead: Adding Von Miller helps us now, long-term

Los Angeles Rams general manager Les Snead acknowledged that the Rams are all in on trying to win the Super Bowl this season and that's why they made a trade for eight-time Pro Bowl linebacker Von Miller. The day before the end of the trade deadline, the Rams acquired Miller from the Denver Broncos.

"We're actually looking at this from a standpoint of how soon can he help us, can he help us if we're fortunate enough to continue going and make the 2021 tournament, how can he help us there," Snead said.

"And then there's a long-term vision for Von as well." The Broncos received a second and third-round pick in the 2022 draft. "This was not easy," Broncos general manager George Paton said. "This guy's an icon.

He can still rush the passer. ... It's a win-win -- you have to make the best decision for your franchise moving forward and we just felt this was at this time." "Outside linebacker, very important in our defense especially someone who is or has a pedigree of affecting the passer like he has," Snead said about Miller, who is the league's active career sack leader with 110.5.

"We did feel like that adding Von to that front seven mix would be a player that would stress the protection, stress the opponent, the one-on-one matchup."

The Rams couldn't say no to Miller

The Broncos approached the Rams to see if they were interested in trading for Miller.

"George reached out at the end of the week and we just couldn't take on, based on what we've done in the past with our cap situation, just can't take on Von Miller, so that's when we discussed what it would take from each side, the variables that really could change, I don't want to say non-negotiables, but they were almost facts," Snead said.

"I think as they were analyzing their situation, we were analyzing ours and we came up with what we felt like was something that was good for the Rams and the Broncos." The Rams received Miller but lost two picks.

"We like to think we use our picks innovatively, maybe creatively," Snead said. "We're projected to get four more picks, four more compensatory picks based on the players that signed elsewhere last year, so we should have around eight total picks and we knew that."