NFL Alert: The owner of the LA Rams does not want to pay taxes

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NFL Alert: The owner of the LA Rams does not want to pay taxes

From the outside, the NFL looks like paradise, but for the boss of LA Rams, Stan Kroenke, also the owner of the Denver Nuggets (NBA) and FC Arsenal, it has become hell in recent years, and only because of the team's move from St.

Louis to Los Angeles. According to ESPN, at the joint meeting, he informed the owners of all franchises that he no longer intends to pay legal fees related to the relocation, which caused frustration of those present in the room.

The plot began in 2016, when these bills began to pile up, as the NFL lost several lawsuits from the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex, which initiated a lawsuit against former fellow citizens and other teams, alleging that the Rams violated relocation guidelines.

All teams got involved in the case, which resulted in legal fees. According to the part of the agreement that Kroenke signed with the other bosses, he undertook to cover all fees. But now he tried to get out of the payment, which angered his colleagues, so he was asked to leave the room so that other owners could speak openly about their views.

Jerry Jones

The only one who sided with Kroenke was Jerry Jones, the boss of the Dallas Cowboys. He said the owner of Rams did a lot for the NFL and praised him for building a stadium in Los Angeles worth 6,000,000,000 dollars.

Mark Davis (Raiders), Robert Kraft (Patriots) and John Mara (Giants) retaliated by threatening to give up their promise to pay royalties. Of the three, Mara was the loudest, saying the team owners would not have approved the relocation had Kroenke not agreed to cover all legal costs.

NFL general adviser informed the others about the attempt of the owner of Rams to negotiate, but without success. Jones said Kroenke had already paid over $ 1,000,000,000 in legal costs. He did not want to reveal the exact amount, but he added that the owner of Rams paid more than the net wealth of the owners of certain franchises.

When Indianapolis Colts boss Jim Irsay suggested Kroenke return to the room to answer questions, Jones replied that the owner of LA Rams should not speak without the presence of a lawyer, stating that he could sue the league for the problems.

Both the NFL and Rams declined to comment for ESPN, while the trial before the competent authorities between the team from LA and the St. Louis Sports Complex is expected to start in January.