Lions excited about addition of 2012 NFL MVP Adrian Peterson

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Lions excited about addition of 2012 NFL MVP Adrian Peterson

Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia says the team has a lot of respect for 2012 NFL MVP Adrian Peterson and they are thrilled to have him on the team. Peterson, one of the greatest running backs ever, was released by the Washington Football Team last week and the Lions picked him up.

"We're fortunate to bring him on board," Patricia said, per ESPN. "It's early. I have a lot of respect for Adrian Peterson. I've played against him for a long time. He's just a phenomenal player."

Peterson, a seven-time Pro Bowl running back, is familiar with the offense the Lions runs and that should make everything easier. "So that's always a good draw, when you have that sort of production in a particular offensive scheme," Patricia said.

"Also, being familiar with the type of offense that we run, him being able to come in without a training camp and step right in and hopefully try to contribute is, I think, a big factor that I think gave us a little bit of an advantage.

"We're just excited about it but we've got a long way to go. He just got here. He's got a lot to learn and I know he's going to do everything possible to put everything into it and we'll just take it from there."

Quarterback Matthew Stafford and center Frank Ragnow also happy to have Peterson on the team

Lions quarterback Stafford is also thrilled to have Peterson as a new teammate. "I'm glad to see him in our uniform.

Saw him for too many years in the purple and gold and he was doing his thing against us," Stafford said. "So nice to have him. A really talented player, one of the greats at the position. I think he raises the bar for a lot of people, just to go out there and watch the way this guy works at the age that he is and what he's already accomplished, pretty impressive.

"We're excited to have him." Meanwhile, Lions center Ragnow was a bit star-struck when the Lions signed Peterson. "I was literally asking the O-Line room the past day how I should introduce myself because I was freaking out so much," Ragnow said.

When asked how did he introduce to Peterson, Ragnow revealed: "Hey, I'm Frank." "Kept it cool," Ragnow said. "Not, 'Hey, I'm Frank, I'm from Minnesota, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.' I was trying to keep it cool."