Joe Judge takes responsibility for Giants' struggles: Fish stinks from the head down

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Joe Judge takes responsibility for Giants' struggles: Fish stinks from the head down

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge has taken the responsibility for his team's 1-5 start to the season. The Giants continued their bad start to the season this past Sunday, when they got blown out by the Los Angeles Rams 38-11.

"There's your answer. I'm the head coach. It's my responsibility, point blank," Judge said on Thursday. "Every player on this field, every position group, the execution, it all comes down to me. The fish stinks from the head down.

"I've been taught that from great guys who I worked for, played for. There are no excuses, no exceptions. You demand it from your coaches to make sure that the players are playing the right way. You demand it of the players to know what to do and then go out there to do it.

"But it starts with me and ends with me."

Judge says no excuses for the Giants' bad results

"To me, the only time you really feel any kind of pressure and nerves is when you're unprepared," he said.

"If you're prepared and you go through the tasks and process at hand and you're consistent with it, then you go in with confidence. "That is what we preach to our guys. We come out here and practice every week, prepare a certain way every week.

We have to go out there better and execute better to have the results that we want." The Giants are clearly struggling but coach Judge has promised to fans that they will get better. "This is definitely going to get better, so there you go," Judge said earlier this week.

"I don't know what kind of guarantee [the fans] want, but I can assure everyone out there that's a Giants fan and they want to know when it's going to turn, I can tell them right now we're working tirelessly to make sure we get this thing turned around in the right direction, not just for short-term results, but for long-term success."

Special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey believes Judge is the right guy to coach the Giants. "Joe is a tough guy. Joe is mentally tough and he's doing a great job with our team as far as the leadership part of it.

Keeps expressing to focus on the task at hand, and that is to win today. You don't have a chance on Sunday if you don't win today. So we're focusing on right now being where our feet are," McGaughey said.