Lions coach Dan Campbell after 0-6 start: Jared Goff needs to step up

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Lions coach Dan Campbell after 0-6 start: Jared Goff needs to step up

Detroiot Lions head coach Dan Campbell has made it clear that quarterback Jared Goff has to step up after the Lions' 0-6 start to the season. On Sunday, Goff completed 28-of-42 passes for 202 yards, zero touchdowns and one interception as the Lions suffered a 34-11 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

"I will say this," Campbell said of Goff. "I feel like he has to step up more than he has and I think he needs to help us, just like everybody else. He's gonna need to put a little bit of weight on his shoulders here and it's time to step up, make some throws and do some things, but he needs help."

Goff has thrown only seven touchdowns this season and he has four interceptions. "I feel their frustration," Goff said. "These fans here deserve a lot better than what we've been giving them. It's our job to do that and there's frustrated people everywhere right now."

Goff admits he has a lot to work on

"I mean, there's been good, there's been bad, there's been stuff to work on," Goff said. "It's kind of always that way when you look at yourself and when you're critical of yourself.

Like I said, everyone's got their things that they're working on and I'm no different." The Lions could be looking to make some moves in order to improve the roster. "I mean, this is a cutthroat league.

That happens all throughout the league, no matter what. People get traded. People get cut. People get benched," Lions linebacker Alex Anzalone said. "That's up to upstairs, [Lions executive vice president and general manager] Brad [Holmes] and Dan to make those decisions.

"All you can do is just focus on yourself, what you can do, like I said, look in the mirror and get better every day," he added. "As a team, we don't listen to the outside noise. Whoever we go on the field with, it's what we're riding with, and that's what we're going to do."

Coach Campbell revealed that he won't be benching Goff, at least not for now. "No. Now, that doesn't mean that something won't ever come up," Campbell said of considering a change at quarterback. "I'm gonna look at everything, but, look, this was a collective effort offensively.

You can't blame one person there. I know maybe you think it's easy to just throw it out and for me to blame it on myself, but look, they heard plenty from me in there, but the bottom line that's the truth. I didn't help them prepare for this game properly or help our coaches help them prepare properly."