Patrick Mahomes: My mindset is to try to score on every possesion

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Patrick Mahomes: My mindset is to try to score on every possesion

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes insists he doesn't feel the urge to score on every possesion because of the Chiefs' bad defense. Statistically, the Chiefs have the worst defense and Mahomes has been committing turnovers like never before over the past three games.

Mahomes has committed six turnovers over the past three games and his six interceptions this season match the total he had in 2020. "Not at all," Mahomes said Wednesday as the Chiefs began preparations for Sunday's game at Washington.

"We try to score every single time we touch the football. That's how it's been my entire career here, and that was the precedent that was set before I even started here. "That's kind of how I have my mindset going into every single game is that, when we get an opportunity to go out there and have success and be successful, we have to capitalize on that.

It has nothing to do with whatever is happening on the other side of the ball. It's just our job as an offense on this team."

Mahomes always wants to score

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid acknowledged that Mahomes is a competitor and that he wants to score points on every possesion.

"Pat's wired like a linebacker," Reid said. "That's his thinking. He wants to get after you every snap, so he tries to maximize each play. ... Sometimes you can try so hard that you do something that you normally wouldn't do.

He realizes that scoring touchdowns is an important thing right now, and he's going to try to do the best he can to do that. So there's a time and a place where you've got to pull back on some of those things and just take what's given and go with it."

For the first time in his career, Mahomes is having problems with turnovers. "You don't want to lose yourself. You don't want to lose things that you've done so well so long," Mahomes said. "But at the same time I've got to make sure I'm firm with the fundamentals and make sure I stay within the pocket.

It's the same thing every year when you kind of see me get a little off. You've got to go back to the basics and make sure I perfect those things, and then I think everything else will come along with it."