Ben Roethlisberger: I'm not giving up on this season

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Ben Roethlisberger: I'm not giving up on this season

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has accepted blame for the team's poor start to the season but he is optimistic they will turn the things around. In Week 1, the Steelers stunned the Buffalo Bills on the road.

Since then, the Steelers have played above average as they have picked up three consecutive defeats. Roethlisberger has played poorly over the last three weeks and he is the one that received most blame. "I need to be better," Roethlisberger said on Wednesday.

"I need to fight through and figure out how to make better decisions, how to make better throws, how to be a better football player. That's why I just said I'm not going to quit. I'm going to keep doing that.

"I'm not giving up on this season. No one in this building is. It's still early, and there's still a lot of fight left in us." Roethlisberger reveals he is not fully healthy On Tuesday, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin revealed Roethlisberger has been dealing with a hip issue.

"It's pretty sore," Roethlisberger said. "If I showed you the picture, you might not be too well to your stomach. It's a little black and blue. ".. As a quarterback, there's so much involved in your lower body.

People probably think as a quarterback or as a thrower, it's 'how's your arm doing?' Your arm is honestly a small part compared to the whole package. It's your core. It's your lower body. I've got to find ways to be better with my lower body.

Going back and watching the game, a few times, a lot of throws I missed, were missed because my lower body wasn't in sync."

However, Roethlisberger doesn't want to find any excuses.

"We're all dealing with them," he said.

"We're all dealing with injuries. It's a violent game." Roethlisberger is confident he can play much better despite being 39 and past his prime. "I know that I can play better football," Roethlisberger said.

"I believe in myself. I know that no matter what's going on, I'm going to fight my butt off to get a win, and if that's the way I need to lead right now, by showing these guys that I'm going to do everything I can to win a football game, I'll keep doing that."

On Tuesday, Steelers head coach Tomlin confirmed Roethlisberger will remain the Steelers' starting quarterback. "Absolutely," Tomlin said. "What he does and what he's done makes me really comfortable in saying that."