Alexander Mattison: Being around Justin Jefferson brought more swag to Kirk Cousins

Cousins delivered a huge performance to lead the Vikings past the Seahawks.

by Dzevad Mesic
Alexander Mattison: Being around Justin Jefferson brought more swag to Kirk Cousins

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer was absolutely thrilled with the way his team performed against the Seattle Seahawks, especially with the way quarterback Kirk Cousins performed, insisting their performance in a 30-17 victory over Seattle has been the best offensive performance he has witnessed since becoming Vikings head coach.

"I told the team that it's the best offensive performance that I've seen in the eight years that I've been here," Zimmer said. "Kirk (Cousins) played outstanding. I thought (Alexander) Mattison ran the ball well, the offensive line blocked great.

Tight ends, receivers blocked great in the run game but also in the passing game. Very, very proud of the way that they performed today." Cousins went 30-of-38 for 323 yards, three touchdowns and zero interceptions. "It's been a different Kirk," wide receiver Adam Thielen said.

"He's just locked in and on time, he's trusting it. I think a big part of that is our O-line and the way they're blocking and giving him enough time to sit back there and make his reads."

Zimmer raves about Cousins

Cousins kept the offense on the field for nearly 36 minutes and they converted 9-of-14 third-down attempts.

"I think he's playing outstanding," Zimmer said. "But not only that, he's playing with a lot of confidence. I really appreciate the leadership that he's been doing lately. It's been so much better, something he wanted to work on.

He's done a great job with that. He's very confident where he's throwing the football. He's very confident with these receivers. I think the offensive line has helped him do some of those things as well." Vikings running back Alexander Mattison is also seeing positive changes in Cousins.

"He has a little more swag to him this year actually," Mattison said. "Being around Jet (Jefferson) in the locker room, the lockers are switched around a little bit. He has a little more swag to him. He's one of those playmakers, he always has been that way.

He's just stepped up even more honing in on his craft and making everyone better around him. Huge credit to Kirk for the way he played today and the way he led us. "Some of the stuff he says, it's pretty funny just coming from him.

He's definitely opened up a little bit and it's awesome to see. Even how he runs and scrambles, it's a little different than it was before. He's just taking the reins and he's an amazing leader."

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