DK Metcals vows to lower trash talk on field

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DK Metcals vows to lower trash talk on field

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf says he wants to do a better job of not biting when opponents try to get into his head by trash-talking him. "For sure," Metcalf said Thursday, when asked if defenders are trying to take him out of his game by getting in his head.

"They can't stop me any other way or stop Tyler [Lockett] any other way. So the best thing they can do is just try to talk stuff to me." In the first two games, Metcalf was involved in several chippy moments with defenders.

"He was really jacked for both games, early in them, and tried too much to have an impact," coach Pete Carroll said. "He's finding his way. He's so prepared to go for it and he's finding his way. He had a couple of penalties that were costly because he was going overboard a little bit."

Metcalf agreed with coach Carroll's assessment.

"He's completely right," he said. "I'm an emotional person. I play with a competitive edge and I'm not trying to lose anything whether that's an argument or a route, anything.

So I'm just going to compete my butt off ... get close to the line but don't cross it." How does he do that? "Knowing myself and knowing that they're trying to get to me and trying to get me to cross that line," he said.

"But there's a bigger prize at the end of the tunnel, so not just falling into the trap and knowing that I play for a team, not just for myself." Metcals, who is one of the most physical players in the NFL, committed three penalties during a Week 2 overtime loss to the Tennessee Titans.

"He's finding out the boundaries to play within," Carroll said. "He's so physical that he finds himself in situations where he's overwhelming a guy at times, so he needs to know how the officials are calling it and when to throw his hands up.

I'm OK with what he's trying to do. He's battling and competing, but we have to do it within the guidelines. "That messaging is important for our whole club after last week. We had things happen that didn't need to happen.

It was stuff that happened after the play was finished and we gave away a ton of yards in situations that we have to do better at. He was a part of that."