Vikings to 'fully use' banged up Dalvin Cook versus Seahawks


Vikings to 'fully use' banged up Dalvin Cook versus Seahawks
Vikings to 'fully use' banged up Dalvin Cook versus Seahawks

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has acknowledged that the team plans to fully use running back Dalvin Cook in Sunday's Week 3 matchup versus the Seattle Seahawks. Cook collectedn 148 rushing yards during a Week 2 34-33 loss to the Arizona Cardinals and also picked up a right ankle injury that was clasified as a "little sprain." "You know, at this stage, it's time to get some wins," Zimmer said.

"Dalvin's a tough guy. If he can't play, there's a reason why he's not playing. But he makes us go, so we're going to continue to play him." Cook underlined that his position is demanding and he is willing to play through pain and injuries.

"It was one of them games," Cook said. "Physical game, knew what we were getting ourselves into. "I know I play running back, I'm going to get banged up. But the recovery is key. I'm in the training room a lot with the conditioning coach, just getting to it, trying to get my body back up."

Cook suffered two injuries versus the Cardinals

In the second quarter of the game, Cook suffered a stinger and found himself face down on the grass.

"I was laying like that because it was different for me because I didn't know whether I should get up, I don't know where it was coming from," Cook said. "It was just something different for me that I never felt, so I was just taking precautions and had the trainers take care of what they're going to take care of." After losing two games on the road, the Vikings are determined to play much better in their next three home games.

"We go back and look at the two games that we lost and compare them to last year, if you want to do that, because it's different," Cook said. "You see the grit in the team, and you see it's different. It's different when you put them hand to hand.

We didn't get the start we wanted to, but I think things happen for a reason. That's how I always look at, look at life. Things happen for a reason. We're home for three straight games. We could go on a tear for three straight weeks.

"Things happen for a reason just to see where you're at mentally, and stuff like that. I think mentally we're in a good space. We know the team that we can be. We know the team that we aiming to be. We just got to go get it done and finish the deal that we didn't these last, past two weeks."

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