Kenny Golladay: Outburst was directed at Jason Garrett, not Daniel Jones

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Kenny Golladay: Outburst was directed at Jason Garrett, not Daniel Jones

New York Giants wide receiver Kenny Golladay insists the frustration he showed during Thursday Night Football wasn't directed at quarterback Daniel Jones but at offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. In the final moments of the game against the Washington Football Team, Golladay had an outburst on the sidelines and it appeared that he was screaming at Jones.

"Pretty much just me just talking to [Jason Garrett] a little bit," Golladay said, per ESPN. "That is two competitive guys right there. More so just me wanting to do anything I can. Not so much get me the ball more."

The Giants lost 30-29 and Golladay was surprised with his reaction. "I've never done anything like that either," he said. "Really just passion. Just being a competitor. I want to do anything I can to help the team and I let the emotions get the best of me."

Coach Joe Judge insists everything is all good after the Golladay outburst

"Look, I'd say in terms of -- you guys asked me the other night about Kenny, there was no argument on the sideline. There was no him versus Daniel or anything of that nature.

This is a guy that in the heat of the moment, you speak very passionately," Judge said. "You kind of speak with some emotion. I speak with emotion on the sideline. There was no blowup or anything that has to be made of it.

"I understand sometimes the perceptions will be what they are, but like I said the other day, there's no issue there." Rookie Kadarius Toney, who has had only two touches in the first two games, posted a story on Instagram that was misinterpreted to be about his role or lack of touches.

Coach Judge said Toney's Instagram story wasn't related to the Giants and said he would speak to the rookie. "I will say I spoke to KT and the thing that was put out there that kind of caught flames or whatever you want to say, the initial thing, had nothing to do with football.

We're very open with our players. I talk to them all the time, when there's something to be disciplined, we take care of it," Judge said. "In this instance, in terms of that initial deal right there, we talked with him on through it and the biggest part is educating these guys that if you're going to be active on social media, sometimes you may just have to go and clarify it.

... We've just got to make sure we understand that we are in a different situation with our jobs, that it is very visible to the outside and that anything you put out there is going to be interpreted and related directly to what your profession is."