Tom Brady after Buccaneers' 2-0 start: We could do even better

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Tom Brady after Buccaneers' 2-0 start: We could do even better

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin believes the Buccaneers are in a great place with Tom Brady leading them. On Sunday, the Buccaneers handed a 48-25 loss to the Atlanta Falcons to improve to 2-0 on the season.

"I think any time you have a guy like Tom leading us, I think you're in a good spot," said Godwin, who has two touchdowns in two weeks. "All the skill players around him trust him, and trust is one of the biggest things you can have in this game."

The Buccaneers have now scored 30 points and won each of their nine past games. "It's dope. I think the more we go, the more we figure out each other, I think the better it's gonna be," Godwin said. "It's not easy to put up 30 points in this league.

I think that's a testament to not only our offense, but our defense continuing to give us opportunities to go out there and score touchdowns."

Brady feels the Buccaneers could be even better

"What I think, and I'm sure other guys feel the same way, is I think we can do better.

I really do," said Brady, who has thrown for 655 yards this season. "And I really think we have the opportunity, with the way that the games are flowing and the opportunities we're getting with the ball -- we have even more.

..." Wide receiver Mike Evans noted the Buccaneers are trying to do "something special with the offense this year." "We're trying to do something special with the offense this year," said Evans, who had five catches for 75 yards.

"We did pretty good today making plays, but obviously there's still more out there. ... But it's cool, man. Everybody has to be ready. We have so many guys that can get the ball at any given time. We just have to make sure we're ready."

The Buccaneers easily won but Brady wished he had done some things differently. "We've been a little loose with the ball," said Brady, who lost a fumble on a first-quarter sack. "Some penalties at different times that have knocked us out of some scoring drives, some missed throws that I've had, some missed reads.

I certainly wish I had made some better throws tonight. But it's good to get the win, be 2-0 and there's a lot to build on, and it's good to beat a division opponent."