Zach Wilson vows to remain aggressive after four picks versus Patriots

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Zach Wilson vows to remain aggressive after four picks versus Patriots
Zach Wilson vows to remain aggressive after four picks versus Patriots (Provided by Sport World News)

New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh told Zach Wilson it's OK to play a boring game of football after the rookie quarterback threw four interceptions against the New England Patriots. Wilson was picked off four times in his first 10 passes and the Jets never recovered from it as the Patriots won 25-6.

Instead of opting for safer options, Wilson was forcing the ball down the field and trying to make big plays. "It's OK to play a boring game of football. That's really it," coach Saleh said after dropping to 0-2. "He's an electric dude.

He's competitive as crap and he wants to win so bad, but sometimes it's OK to be boring. That's probably the biggest lesson he can take out of this one." After a disappointing performance, Wilson vowed to keep working hard and trying to get better.

"This is what we signed up for, right?" Wilson said. "There's going to be games like this -- the ups and downs. "I just have to remember the situation I'm in. I'm an important piece in this whole thing, and I just have to keep learning and getting better.

You have to keep that swag and that mojo every single week."

Coach insists Wilson only has to understand better some basic stuff

"It wasn't like he was overwhelmed," Saleh said of Wilson. "There's some fundamental things that he has to understand with regard to taking care of the ball and basic stuff." Wilson wants to remain aggressive and make plays.

"I just have to tell myself, 'Hey, I can't be gun-shy,'" he said. "I have to sling it around and I still have to be aggressive down the field, especially when we're down. And I have to take care of the ball." Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones spoke positively of Wilson after the game.

"I think Zach's a really good player. As a rookie quarterback, this is what I told him after the game: 'We just have to continue to get better. It's just part of the game,'" Jones said. "Our defense is really good, so it's a tough defense to go against.

I've gone against them in practice, and probably thrown a lot of picks too. So it sucks. Zach is going to be a great player and he's a really hard worker. He kept his head up. We just had some brief words there. He's definitely going to continue to grow, just like I will too."