Seahawks' Chris Carson talks his future, happy for Joe Mixon extension

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Seahawks' Chris Carson talks his future, happy for Joe Mixon extension

Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson reveals he and the team haven't spoken about his future as he enters the final year of his rookie contract. Carson, who was the seventh round pick in the 2017 NFL draft, has performed extremely well in his first three seasons in the NFL.

The 25-year-old running back finished fifth in the league in the rushing in each of the past two seasons. Carson is set to make just over $2 million this upcoming season. "Not really, no," Carson said, when asked if he and the team held talks regarding his future, per ESPN.

But Carson admits he thinks about his future as his current is set to soon expire. "Of course it's something that's on my mind," Carson said of his contract. "You see a lot of guys, they're starting to get paid, but I try not to [let it] distract me from this season.

I just try to push it away, but like I said, it is something that's on my mind but I try not to let it affect me."

Carson hopes to stay with the Seahawks

Carson and the Seahawks haven't held contract talks yet but the running back still hopes to stay with the team long-term.

"I mean, if everything plays out the right ways. I guess we're just going to have to see," Carson added. There is not a lot of expectation placed on a player who comes to the NFL as a seventh round pick. "Just being a seventh-round draft pick, you're always going to have that chip on your shoulder but at this point in the game I don't really have nothing to prove," Carson said.

"I feel like my game has spoken for itself for the last three years or whatever. As far as the fumbling, that was something that played a big part last year, it's something I worked on in the offseason. But like I said, you've got to have quick mindset, let that go and just move on from it.

Learn from it and like I said, move on from it." Meanwhile, Carson was happy for fellow running back Joe Mixon, who received a four-year, $48 million extension from the Cincinnati Bengals. "I'm happy for him," Carson said.

"Me and Joe Mixon got a relationship. I'm happy for him. I reached out to him, but I try not to pay too much attention to it."