Trevor Lawrence takes blame for three interceptions thrown versus Texans

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Trevor Lawrence takes blame for three interceptions thrown versus Texans

Rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence didn't have a great performance in his NFL debut and the Jacksonville Jaguars ended up suffering a 37-21 loss to the Houston Texans in Week 1. Lawrence, who was selected at No. 1 in this past NFL draft, completed 28-of-51 attempts for 332 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions.

"It obviously sucks," Lawrence said. "Losing's always hard, especially when you feel like you're prepared and had a great week and really think we were ready. Just obviously didn't play well. It starts with me.

I played really bad tonight. Disappointing for sure. "I still believe in this team. I still know what we're capable of. We did some good things. We started off with some penalties, three-and-out; but then after that, we had a couple good drives, we're hitting some big plays.

There's a lot of good things there, and we've got to keep doing those and learn from the bad. We've got to watch it and learn from it, for sure, but then flip the page. It's a long season. We can't let this snowball.

We've got to move on and go win next week."

Lawrence takes the blame

Lawrence did throw touchdowns but throwing three interceptions was inexcusable. Lawrence expects much better form him and he took the blame for three picks.

"It's either a bad throw or a bad decision when you throw a pick," Lawrence said. "Bad decisions, those are the ones that'll get you, for sure. "Turnovers, it's all me. You're not going to win many games with three turnovers, especially when the margin was minus-3 for us.

Just not good." Lawrence and Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer's NFL debut was everything but impressive. "I don't really know that word [shell-shocked] other than we've all got our ass kicked before," Meyer said.

"Let's tighten up and go. I believe in that team. I believe in our staff. Come back to work. Going to earn your captain's stripes and leadership stripes as a coach and leaders on the team. But I believe in those guys."

The Jaguars won one and lost two preseason games. Meyer was hoping their preseason woes wouldn't continue into the regular season. "It's inexcusable the things that need to be fixed," Meyer said. "Three preseason games you'd think we'd have that fixed, so that's something that we're going to ... I would guesstimate you would not see that again. That's inexcusable."