Jameis Winston puts up stunning performance, leads Saints past Packers


Jameis Winston puts up stunning performance, leads Saints past Packers

Jameis Winston tossed five touchdowns and had zero interceptions to lead the New Orleans Saints to a stunning 38-3 win over the Green Bay Packers. Winston, who was the Saints' third-string quarterback last season, impressed in his first start for the Packers.

"That was for the city," Winston said after the game, as he repeatedly redirected questions about how meaningful the performance was for him personally. "So, shoutout to the city of New Orleans. We did that for them. We knew how much it would mean to get a great victory for that region.

They've been through so much [with damage and power outages from the hurricane]. And for us to be able to celebrate this victory with them, it's just hats off to them for their resilience, because they motivated us, they inspired us to come out there and ball."

Winston praised by coach

Saints head coach Sean Payton was thrilled with the way Winston performed against the Packers.

"I thought he played very well. He was locked in, focused. We spread the ball around," Payton said. Winston wasn't the only one who earned a praise from coach Payton. "Obviously, it was a really good win for us. All three units were really good.

I was proud of how they played. I thought we were physical, and we played with a lot of energy," said Payton, who acknowledged that the hot weather was one of the reasons why the Saints chose Jacksonville as their alternate venue for Sunday's game, knowing that it would fit well with their belief that they could dominate the game at the line of scrimmage.

"Yeah, we felt like the hotter, the better. And that's no disrespect [to Green Bay]," said Payton, who added that a Northern team would choose cold weather under similar circumstances. The Hurricane Ida forced the Saints to play their home match in Jacksonville.

"Really, honestly, and I mean this with all due respect, no one really cares," Payton said. "We tried to do our best organizationally. And one of the game balls went out to all the people that are involved in the logistics; there's so much that goes into equipment and hotel planning and all of that.

And the main goal is to create an environment where all the other distractions are removed and you can focus on football. And those people really did a good job the last two weeks."

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