Daniel Jones speaks highly of Kyle Rudolph, Kadarius Toney

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Daniel Jones speaks highly of Kyle Rudolph, Kadarius Toney

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is determined to make a leap in his third season in the NFL and prove that the Giants didn't make a mistake when they drafted him at No. 6 in the 2019 NFL draft. Jones didn't particulary impress in his first two seasons in the NFL as the Giants finished with a losing record in each of the past two seasons and missed out on the playoffs.

"A leap or however you define it, my focus is more on playing well and helping this team win games, so I feel like I’m prepared, and I feel like the experience last year and the year before, there’s been a number of things I’ve been able to learn and feel like I’ve improved on through last year and this offseason, this training camp and going into this year.

I’m excited, I think as a team, as an offense, we’ve had a good camp and we’re looking forward to getting out there," Jones told The New York Post. Jones has acknowledged that being on the same page with his receivers is key to success.

"Absolutely. I think that’s a big part of the job, understanding how to communicate with guys, and what’s gonna be the most effective way to get everyone on the same page, to get everyone to understand what exactly we need to do individually and as a group to be successful.

I think that’s a big part of playing quarterback, a big part of being a leader, just in general. I think that comes from relationships you build with guys, and getting to know guys on a personal level," Jones said.

Jones speaks highly of Kyle Rudolph, Kadarius Toney

"Kyle has played a ton of football, he’s an extremely smart player, so I think he’s got a great understanding of how he’s done things in the past and what’s worked for him given his skill-set, what gives him the best opportunity to be successful.

I’ve learned a ton from him in his experiences, so that’s been awesome for me to be able to work with him so far. He’s a great player and a guy that’s had a lot of success, so looking forward to getting out there with him," Jones said of Rudolph.

Jones has got a new weapon as the Giants selected Toney at No. 20 in this past NFL draft. "Kadarius has a special skill-set. His change of direction, his quickness and his twitch, you could see how good of a player he could be with all those tools.

He’s worked hard getting in our system and learning the offense, and I’m impressed with how quickly he’s picked it up. He can be a good player for us, and I’m excited to get out there with him," Jones said of Toney.