Cowboys' Dak Prescott: I feel I'm better player now than I was last year

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Cowboys' Dak Prescott: I feel I'm better player now than I was last year

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott feels he is a better player now than he was a year ago. Last year, Prescott suffered a season-ending ankle injury in Week 5 and spent the next 11 months rehabbing. On Thursday, Prescott returned to action and finished with 403 yards, three touchdown passes and one interception.

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, that wasn't enough since they suffered a 31-29 defeat to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. "I don't feel like I say things just to say them, so that's just a credit to all the work I put in," Prescott said, per ESPN.

"I think when you invest that much work in rehab and prehab and just everything that has gone into the last 11 months for me to get on the field, I mean, I'm not surprised about the way that I went out there and fought.

Ran the ball a couple times and did all the things that I'd normally do 11 months ago. No, I feel like I'm a better player than I was when I left the field [last year] and I told y'all that was the expectations I had for myself, and I'll continue to try to get better game in and game out."

Prescott completed 42 of his 58 pass attempts

Prescott missed a good part of training camp and missed the entire preseason due to a shoulder injury. "I don't plan on throwing it that many times, and, no, I never questioned my health or being able to throw it 50 times or how I'd feel out there," Prescott said.

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy wasn't surprised by Prescott's play. "I mean, this is who he is," McCarthy said. "I mean, I never thought he couldn't have this kind of night. You've got to remember, he's 24-7 football.

He puts a tremendous amount of effort into this." Being out for 11 months wasn't easy for Prescott. "I enjoyed every moment of that game," Prescott said. "Honestly, this whole trip, there's been multiple moments that I've taken in and just missed the bus ride, missed the warm-ups, missed the fans, missed so much about this game that brings me so much joy.

Being down in a game two points and knowing you're going to have an opportunity to go back out there and play. Just that resiliency -- missed that. Missed that feeling that sparks up in me and the fire that it had. There wasn't a part of this game or moment I took for granted."