Packers' Aaron Rodgers: There is lot of unknowns heading into 2021 season

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Packers' Aaron Rodgers: There is lot of unknowns heading into 2021 season

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has admitted that there is many unknowns ahead of the start of the new season. Rodgers, who has spent his entire career with the Packers, voiced his displeasure with the organization this offseason and even contemplated a retirement.

In the end, Rodgers decided to return to the Packers for 2021 but it's uncertain what will happen beyond this season. "Yeah, it does; it definitely does," Rodgers said. "There is a lot of unknowns." "I think we don't feel pressure ...

I'm speaking personally and I can't speak for everybody," Rodgers said, per ESPN. "But the feel that I get with the energy in the locker room is not pressure. It's focus. I think it's the right perspective and the right type of focus." Rodgers was named the NFL MVP for the 2020 season but the Packers failed to win a Super Bowl.

However, Rodgers believes they are enough talented to win it all this season. "We know we have a talented team. We know what the expectations are. We're just focusing on accountability and holding each other accountable because regardless of what happens with any of our situations, this group will not be together the way it is now in years down the line.

So we're going to enjoy this year for all that it has to offer, and each other, and I think that's the right perspective to have when you get in this situation."

Rodgers, Davante Adams locked in on the Super Bowl

"This is probably the hungriest team that I've ever been around, honestly, just because we have been so close a number of times now," Packers receiver Adams said on Wednesday.

"So I feel like everybody in the back of their mind, they know how reachable it is and realistic we are to getting to that final step." A part of Rodgers' displeasure with the Packers was because of their decision to draft quarterback Jordan Love.

Love enjoys being around Rodgers and he has tipped the reigning NFL MVP to do "great things" in 2021. "I'm gonna be the backup quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, back up Aaron Rodgers as best I can and help him," Love said.

"He's gonna go out there and do great things this season. Just trying to do whatever I can to get him ready for the season, get him ready each week and just do my job. Obviously being a backup, you still gotta be ready. Even as No. 3 you gotta be ready every day in our position, so keep doing what I'm doing."