Jaguars coach Doug Marrone explains decision to release Leonard Fournette

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Jaguars coach Doug Marrone explains decision to release Leonard Fournette

Jacksonville Jaguars have released running back Leonard Fournette and coach Doug Marrone said the move was made in the best interest of the team. Fournette, who was the fourth overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft, ends his tenure in Jacksonville with 2,631 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns.

Earlier this offseason, the Jaguars didn't pick up Fournette's fifth-year option and they were actively seeking a team for a trade. But after failing to find a trade partner, they decided to move on from Fournette, who spent three years with the Jaguars.

"At the end of the day, we feel ... the skill sets of the guys that we have [can replace Fournette], and really that's what led to the decision," Marrone said, per ESPN. "And it's been something that we've done it with every single position we've been looking at.

We've done cutups, we've done tapes, we've gone back, we've looked at everything, what we've tried to get done. So it's not just the running back position; it's all positions. "And I wanted to make sure we had the best look of, hey, what's going on right now? That's the best indication of what we're going to be able to get when we start this season, and I just feel that was the best -- is what's best for our team."

Marrone admitted the team couldn't get anything back for Fournette. "My question was, can we get any value? And we couldn't get any," Marrone said. "So, fifth-[rounder], sixth-[rounder] -- we couldn't get anything."

Fournette could end up with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers, who signed Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski this offseason, are one of the main contenders for this year's Super Bowl and adding Fournette could happen.

"We’ll wait and see. He’s been a good player. We have to see where he fits,” Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians said, via Greg Auman of, as quoted on Pro Football Talk. Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals have shown belief in their wide receiver Andy Isabella as they are preparing to give the second-year player expanded role in their offense this year.

“He works really hard at it and wants to be great,” Cardinals coach Cliff Kingsbury said of Isabella, per Pro Football Talk. “It’s tough when you’re playing behind one of the best if not the best receivers of all time.

That’s just a tough spot to be in. I thought he handled it with grace and with poise. [Coaches] were hard on him last year and put him through it, trying to prepare him mentally and physically for kind of the rigors of what he’d face and to his credit he responded. Couldn’t be more pleased with how he’s come back."