Raiders K.J. Wright: Leaving Seahawks was tough

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Raiders K.J. Wright: Leaving Seahawks was tough

New Las Vegas Raiders linebacker K.J. Wright admitted he went through a wide range of emotions this summer. After 10 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, Wright changed teams for the first time in his career. The Seahawks wanted to get younger at the outside linebacker position so they moved on from.Wright.

Wright insists the hunger and desire to go out to compete and win is still there for him. "C'mon, now," Wright shot back, with a sly grin, per ESPN. "Listen, listen, this offseason, I've been pissed off all offseason.

I've been very, very angry. I've been at peace, but I've been mad at the same time, if that makes sense. I had a lot of people doubting me this offseason and I'm still keeping it going. I'm thankful to be here but that burning desire ...

is on 100 right now."

Leaving the Seahawks wasn't easy for Wright

"It was tough leaving," Wright admitted. "That was literally my home. It was tough saying bye to everybody, making those phone calls, but it's a part of it.

Those relationships will forever stay. "My tenure there was amazing. Had a great time. Talked to Pete [Carroll] before I left and no matter what, you didn't bring me back but it's all love. We had a decade together and that's very rare.

So I was appreciative of every moment I had there." The Raiders also recently added linebacker Denzel Perryman to the team. "More experience, more excitement," Perryman said last week when reports surfaced that Wright was signing with Las Vegas.

"We know what type of player he is and then the type of guys we've got on this team so that's going to be exciting." Gus Bradley, the Raiders' defensive coordinator, was the Seahawks' defensive coordinator when Wright was drafted by the Seahawks.

"This is my first time ever being a free agent and when you watch the guys go to OTAs, watch them go to training camp, that's not easy," said Wright, who switched his jersey number to 34 (his high school and college number, as well as the number worn by his father) and sees himself playing the "OTTO" linebacker role.

"That's pretty hard. Especially when I've been doing it my whole time. "It all came full circle ... just to come back with Gus, somebody I trust, somebody I know, he'll take good care of me. So, I'm excited."