Head coach Mike McCarthy: Cowboys hired me to lead them to Super Bowl victory

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Head coach Mike McCarthy: Cowboys hired me to lead them to Super Bowl victory

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy is hoping to have a bounce back season with the team in 2021 and forget a nightmare 2020 season. McCarthy's first season with the Cowboys didn't go well as the team lost its star quarterback Dak Prescott in Week 5 and missed out on the playoffis following a 6-10 season.

McCarthy won the Super Bowl during his days with the Green Bay Packers and the Cowboys hired him hoping he would lead them to a Super Bowl win. "The privilege of having that pressure is something special. Pressure is a privilege, I'm quoting Billie Jean King," McCarthy said.

"You've got to step back because I was out of it for a year. I missed it. I missed that part of it. I missed that angst of what it feels like in your gut ... I mean I say this with respect: We all have a job to do, a purpose in this business: we're all trying to rob the same runaway train.

It's awesome, the NFL. "Whether it's the first nine [years] or the last three, to be honest I think that's what the NFL is. It's hard and makes you appreciate some of the things you've done, but I think it gives you clarity on the things you need to do better to get to where we all want to go.

As long as you have a good plan, a solid plan, you stay true to it. I sleep good at night with that."

McCarthy well aware of why the Cowboys hired him

In his 13 seasons with the Packers, McCarthy made nine playoffs appearances, appeared in four NFC Championship Games and won one Super Bowl, "Now having the opportunity to come here, where I understand perceptions [are] important, I'm still who I am," McCarthy said.

"Jerry [Jones] didn't hire me to come down to increase the marketing of his football team. I would probably dress better. I would choose my verbs better. And I'm capable. But yeah, I'm more aware of [the perception].

At the end of the day, it's about winning. And I know how to win. I have confidence in that." Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is still a believer in McCarthy. "I think there's a resolve," Jones said of McCarthy early in camp.

"He took the dose of what we got last year like a man and took any responsibility you want to give him. And he did it in a way that says we're going to try to get better, try to improve."