Buccaneers' Rob Gronkowski: I have never seen a drop off in Tom Brady's game

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Buccaneers' Rob Gronkowski: I have never seen a drop off in Tom Brady's game

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski has suggested that 44-year-old Tom Brady is looking great ahead of the new season. Gronkowski, who came to the league in 2010, played with Brady for years in New England, before the two reunited in Tampa.

“It’s incredible,” Gronkowski told reporters on Friday, per Pro Football Talk. “Ever since I started playing with him, I’ve never seen a drop off. I’ve seen some balls drop off but after that it always bounces right back.

Just overall, it’s just incredible the way he just takes care of himself and the way he keeps himself at such a high level that there are literally no drop offs since I’ve been playing with him since I think he was my age when I started — 32 or 33 — which is pretty wild to see no difference at all or anything.

His game has just improved more”.

Gronkowski feels more comfortable heading into Year 2

In their first season with the Buccaneers, Gronkowski and Brady won the Super Bowl. “It feels good,” Gronkowski said.

“Just coming in last year and trying to learn the playbook and be thinking when you get up to the line. It just feels a lot more efficient this year. Dealing with the heat, that’s definitely a factor. No doubt about it.

Just knowing a whole new system, a whole new playbook and knowing in the back of mind now. So right when I break the huddle I just go out there and just do what I have to do and just react as a football player instead of thinking.

I just feel a lot better out there this year and just overall in terms. Just have to keep on working to improve every time." Brady looked bad in Week 1 of the 2020 season against the New Orleans Saints but things quickly changed.

“Just really at this time last year we really didn’t know,” Bucccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich told reporters regarding Brady. “We knew him on paper. We knew what we did in practice, but it took the actual Saints game for us to really have an idea of [where] we were at from an execution standpoint, where we’re at from an understanding of what we need to do play in and play out.

It’s a big difference, big difference than last year. We’ve been around each other now for a full year and we have a good understanding of each other, so it’s a big difference”.