Zach Ertz 'forgives' Eagles for involving him in trade talks

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Zach Ertz 'forgives' Eagles for involving him in trade talks

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz is ready to forgive his team as he has expressed his desire to spend the rest of his career with the Eagles. Ertz, who was drafted by the Eagles in 2013, has spent all of his career in Philadelphia but this offseason his name was mentioned in trade talks.

"Like I've said all along, this is the place I want to be, this is the place I want to retire. Those feeling haven't changed," said Ertz, speaking for the first time publicly since an emotional news conference in January that came off as his farewell to Philadelphia.

"I'm moving on from everything that happened this offseason. There have been apologies, there have been things that we've mended and, ultimately, I'm here, I'm excited to be here and I'm excited to be a member of this football team."

Ertz has nothing but respect and love for the Eagles

"This organization has believed in me not only these first eight years of my career, but they believed in me probably more so than anyone else did in the league.

They were standing firm to what they believed was fair and, ultimately, I can't fault them for that," Ertz said. "For me, in my faith, it's all about forgiveness, forgiveness, and who am I not to extend a forgiving arm with everything I believe in my faith? I'm here now.

The offseason is over. This is all about the Philadelphia Eagles and being the best player I can be for this team and this city." Ertz insists he now feels much better than he felt last year at this time. "I feel better now than I did at this time going into the season physically, mentally, emotionally.

So there's no doubt in my mind I can be exactly the player I was, if not better than the player I was, however people talked about me prior to this past year," Ertz said. "I wanted to put myself in a situation where, I've given so much to this team for the past eight years; they've given me so much for the past eight years; and I love this team, at the end of the day.

So for me, it was all about respecting that. This team is going to be a lot bigger than '86' going forward. I love this city too much to quote/end quote, 'Burn it down,' like some people wanted me to do at times, because, ultimately, I love this place."