Quandre Diggs: I'll return to Seahawks once I finalize little business

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Quandre Diggs: I'll return to Seahawks once I finalize little business

Free safety Quandre Diggs expects to suit for the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1 and soon return to practice. Diggs reported to training camp and practiced for the first four weeks but then decided to hold out. Per The Seattle Times, Diggs and his team aren't negotiating an extension but rather finalizing an insurance policy.

"I would just say I had a couple things that I had to get cleared up for myself business-wise just like the team, business-wise, they have stuff that they have to do," Diggs told reporters on Tuesday, per ESPN. "It was just something I had to do to protect myself just as the team protects themselves.

I've got a family to feed also, so I had to make the best decision for me. Like I said, I wouldn't say it was a statement. I'm grateful to be here and I tell you guys that all the time. I'm grateful to be here. I'm blessed to be a Seahawk.

So for me, I just think it was -- I wouldn't say a reset but it was some things that I needed to patch up on my end to get figured out."

Diggs hopes to soon finalize the situation and return to practice

"The little business thing that I've got to do, as soon as it's done, signed, sealed and delivered, I'll be back at practice," he said.

"I wouldn't call it a hold-in. I would say I'm just getting some things cleared up and I'll be back out with my teammates pretty soon." Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll insists he thinks nothing but good of Diggs. "I think the world of this guy," Carroll said.

"He's an amazing competitor, tough as hell in every way and really I can't imagine not playing with him." Diggs insists he has had a positive conversation with Carroll and insisted that being out of practice is not something he likes.

"Me and Pete, we had a talk," Diggs said. "So the front office, everybody upstairs understands, my coaches, my teammates they all understand. So I don't think it's a big deal. Of course I want to be out at practice. It's not like I don't.

I didn't come to camp to practice, not practice and just do that. But like I said, I don't think it's a hold-in. I think as soon as this issue is cleared up, it'll be ready to go."