Josh Rosen determined to make most out of opportunity with Falcons


Josh Rosen determined to make most out of opportunity with Falcons

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Josh Rosen knew he had to deliver in his first game for his new team otherwise he could find himself again out of the league. Rosen, who was taken at No. 10 in the 2018 in the NFL draft, is currently on his fifth team.

"People say you don't get a second chance to make a first impression and that is true in a macro sense of the NFL," Rosen said, per ESPN. "Said some dumb things coming out that I'm not all that proud of, but I've had a lot of chances to make a first impression with new teams and I think each one has been a little bit better." After being released by the San Francisco 49ers during training camp, Rosen was picked up by the Falcons.

On Sunday, Rosen made his debut for the Falcons and completed 9-of-18 passes for 118 yards, one touchdown and zero interceptions. "You just get an opportunity, you got to seize the moment and it was kind of -- it was a little bit refreshing to kind of get out on the field and kind of half know the offense and just kind of let go and play football and have fun with it like you did back in Pop Warner," Rosen said.

"At times I felt a little bit like a chicken with my head cut off running around, but I thought it was fun. Could have cleaned up a lot of stuff but overall thought it was a productive night."

Rosen badly needed to lead a touchdown drive

Rosen had some bad moments against the Cleveland Browns but overall it was a good performance.

Rosen led the Falcons on a touchdown drive that was the Falcons' only passing touchdown of the preseason. "The feeling of throwing a touchdown pass and celebrating with sort of teammates that come to the sideline and getting the head slaps and high-fives, that's just a feeling I haven't had in a while," Rosen said.

"And it felt really good. It's like that shot in golf that brings you back or like this, this is why we do it." The final roster cuts are scheduled for Tuesday and it remains to be seen if Rosen will make the 53-team roster cut.

"We won't rush to judgment here," Falcons head coach Arthur Smith said. "But I give Josh credit. He came in here and handled it but we'll take everything into consideration. I'm not ready to make that statement right now."